stash - The solution to stubborn system administrators.

Author: Robert Wyrick

Table of Contents

What is it?

stash is a perl script that aims to make it easier for you to install, track, and maintain packages and modules in your home directory. It performs this magic by detecting what type of package or module you are installing and passing all the right command line arguments to the confgure scripts and/or makefiles.

stash is similar in many ways to GNU stow and stowES.

Read the man page for full details.

Why was it written?

stash was inspired by my need to install stuff in my home directory where I work. Sometimes the sys admins are stubborn. Sometimes they're too busy. Sometimes I'm just impatient. Regardless, stash allows me to get on with my work day while still using the tools I want....


Bugs & Limitations

How to Help

If you use stash and want to help make it better, the best thing you can do is send me patches to the source that fix or extend it in someway. New packages under the Stash::Package heirarchy are strongly encouraged. If you are not a coder, I would still appreciate any and all reports of success or failure utilizing stash. If you had to manually configure or install a package before stashing it, send me the package url and how you got it to install correctly into the stash directories. Please DO NOT email me source or binary tarballs of packages!


The download links are below. Installation instructions are included in the tarball. I highly suggest you read the INSTALL and README files so that you can fully understand stash. I do ask that if you add any features or fix any bugs that you e-mail me your changes. If you find any bugs, send them to me along with information about what version of perl you are using. Maybe I'll get around to fixing them...

Download the latest version (0.4.11):